Background: Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival is the City of San Antonio’s premier arts event featuring over 50 artists local and international artists.  Over 20,000 people visit Luminaria every year.

Our collective created a proposal using the ideas and photography of surrealist photographer and our co-founder Nain Leon. The proposal called for the use of holograms and theater performance to recreate the story of Narcissus and Echo in a digital age.

Artist Statement: Narcissus and Echo

How often do we take selfies and don’t like what we see? How often do others feel the same way? How often are these images used to judge our fitness for job, a partner, a service?

All these implications are the consequences of technology in our social relationships. Our social image has become the new reality. Our devices have become both our window and the mirror from which we reflect our filtered and edited lives.

We have an obsession for image, as in the myth of Narcissus and a Pavlovian response to likes, shares, and messages. We look for perfection and connection in an increasingly lonelier world, echoing the last good post, photo, or meme that reinforces our own thoughts and decisions.

Much of my work has been surrealistic in nature, and it is through the lens of the absurd that we try to not only explore or current reality, but to help break it.


Republic Arts

Nain Leon, Arturo Vilchis, Ron Garcia, David Blancas, Mark Riojas, Adriana Sanchez Navarro, Jorge Preciado, Melissa Martinez, James Garza

Special Thanks to Our Crew and Performers

Joe Estrada, Chris Morales, Denna Fox,Karla Monsivais, Angel Espinoza, Mark Estrada, Adrian Rivas, Kara Kim, Cindy Rodriguez, Berenice Ramirez, Lia Treviño, Shaw